Letters and recommendations from existing clients

I just wanted you to know I am starting to send out the notice to clients and contacts to visit my new website.  The response is overwhelmingly POSITIVE.  Everyone loves it so much, especially me.  I may even have some new business for you...  I gave [my colleague] your contact details and he loved what you did for me.

Once again, thank you so much.  It was the best decision ever to hire you to give me a polished, professional website.  

Cathy Brand
Global Sales Compliance


Lee Ann is fantastic at marketing and communications.  See also writes articles for the renowned How Stuff Works!  I see her strengths as follows:

  1. Graphics/Web/Writing Talent:  Lee Ann is equally gifted at all three.  This is relatively rare I find.  She can do all of the above:  org identity/logo generation, storyboarding, web layout, brochure layout, html coding, web hosting setup, excellent writing and editing, good feel for marketing language/creativity, and so on.  When I say talented on each I do not mean “in light of doing all three” – I mean she is REALLY good at all three (especially developing the “look and feel” of a marketing communication I find).

  2. A Joy to Work With – great balance of flexibility and independence:  Lee Ann strikes the perfect balance of initiative and receiving direction.  If you say…”I want my website to look like X…go do it”….then Lee Ann will not bother you and re-appear with a finished product ready to go (she will seek your input of course, but does not HAVE to have it – you can just trust her judgment and let her do the job).  On the other hand you can work with her step by step to create the vision, look at proofs, and step through the process where it is collaborative along every step.  She is equally congenial using this technique.  This not only impresses me in general, but in a situation where “creativity” is at play, she is very good about not becoming wed to an idea and being unwilling to change direction.  You can sometimes see this in “creative types” but Lee Ann is not this way at all.  She certainly has an opinion about what looks and sounds good and will share it, but she is flexible.

  3. She delivers:  Lee Ann has always delivered (with high quality, fair price, on schedule, and with a smile).  

Joseph Holmes
President / CEO
Acuity Edge, Inc.


Lee Ann,

I would just like to take a minute and thank you for all your efforts on the Workplace Applications software brochure. Your creative ideas coming to fruition on paper was an inspiration to witness. When we give out the 4 page full color WPA software brochure to a prospective client, it will be done with pride thanks in part to your work.

It was a pleasure working with you on this project and I look forward to continuing our work together.

Jim Kurzec
Workplace Group


I use Lee Ann Obringer exclusively for my own and client web pages and marketing collateral design. We have been working together for several years. She is reasonably priced, creative, classy and refreshing, and does fabulous work in a timely fashion. She knows how to get your key words out there for maximizing hits to web sites and listens to clients so that the image they want is what is portrayed in a consistent, thoughtful manner.

Penny Noyes
Health Business Navigators


Dear Beverly,
I’ve been shopping for a good website designer for two years and haven’t been able to find one who is up on the latest technology, and can put together a simple, clean message with strong graphic displays that convey the essence of my business. Well, the search is over.

Lee Ann Obringer is a wonderful, award-winning, website designer who refers to herself as “a marketing communications & design resource,” and she couldn’t be more right. She’s charming and refined, and brings to her projects an unusual combination of being extremely visually artistic and having strong verbal and psychological marketing skills. Not only are her sites fantastic to look at, but because she always organizes them so that the visitor can’t miss the important stuff, I’m sure they do a great job of selling both image and product for the owners.

Beverly, you provide accounting services to small-business start-ups, and probably work with lots of clients like me – third year in business, starting to deal with larger clients, need to enhance my professional image. I hope you’ll recommend Lee Ann to them. I think they’d be delighted with the results.

Susan Solakian, President
Renovations Consulting, Inc.



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