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For thirteen years, I planned, developed, and implemented the marketing and advertising efforts for a consulting firm based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Since starting work as an independent consultant in 2000, I have helped numerous other small and medium-sized companies establish themselves both through the design and development of business identity pieces and their marketing programs.

I approach each project looking at the company as the customer or client sees it. This approach of providing a "fresh set of eyes" gives the company a unique look and identity that is—most importantly—on target with their goals ... and budgets.

Having written more than 50 articles on business and finance topics, I have a well-rounded knowledge of business practices and the importance of effective marketing.

Planning and program development

My approach for planning your marketing strategy is to:

  1. Listen to your needs
  2. Learn about your products and services
  3. Research your market
  4. Establish your customer/client demographics
  5. Establish the "message" (including the company "look and feel") that will speak to that demographic
  6. Determine the best and most cost-effective way of getting your message to that demographic
  7. Provide you with assistance in implementing the plan and monitoring the results if needed

Working closely with clients, I can help develop a marketing plan that includes high-level national advertising, local or regional advertising, direct mail efforts, and all marketing support materials such as Web sites, brochures, trade show booths, promotional handouts, and any other ideas we may come up with.

Marketing program implementation

Once a plan of action is devised for marketing your company, I can provide as much or as little assistance as desired. This can range from complete management of the marketing activities, to simply being available for consultation as needed.

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